Do the Rumba to class with a stack of cute watches

In college, I was the one who arrived to class too early because I didn’t want to be aimlessly wandering the rows of desks, trying to find a place to sit (yea, I was kind of a nerd) — at least until my fourth year, when senioritis kicked in. After that, I’d rush in at the last minute with most of my other senior classmates.

Maybe I would have actually been on time that year if I’d hadone of these neat Rumba Time watches — they’re stretchy and squishy and only $20 each! The time is displayed on two lines, which makes you do a bit of a double-take when you first look at them, but they’re easy to operate (two little buttons on the back that you press with a pen tip to set the time, date, etc.) and they’re small and sleek enough to stack up your wrists.

They come in 14 different colors, including Glow-in-the-Dark (I’m having flashbacks of those little stars I used to stick on my ceiling when I was a kid). They’re super light and comfortable on your wrist — I wore mine all day, and they didn’t even bother me while I was typing.

These look best layered (see photo) with other bracelets and stacked with other watches to create an urban chic look that’ll guarantee you’re always on-time, whether you’re headed to class, to a student art exhibit opening or to lunch in the cafeteria with great friends.

They’re available on, a rather new fashion website where Brittanie Yvonne, the founder of the site, hunts down unique finds for stylish women of all ages. Also available on the site is a variety of amazing jewelry, scarves and other accessories from companies I’ve never even heard of — but I’m glad I have now! I spent quite a bit of time clicking around the site, and I already made a mental wish list of several pieces I found that would be great additions to my jewelry box and my closet!

(photos used with permission)


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