Another way to be “green” and stylish

As I’m going through my morning work routine of checking e-mail and blog comments, I notice a comment on my most recent “green” post about an alternative textile dyeing method that doesn’t use water, appropriately named AirDye®. I immediately thought, “so this must be like spraypainting a piece of cloth — it’ll end up stiff and rough and terribly uncomfortable. Plus, patterns must be impossible to create.”

Not the case.

AirDyed® fabrics feel no different than conventionally dyed textiles and they can be all one color, a different color on each side, a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other, or a pattern on both sides, creating a wealth of options.

AirDye® can also be used to dye swimwear, carpet, curtains, linens, event banners, ceiling tile and more. The possibilities are endless. And because the dyeing process uses less valuable resources, it’s cost-effective for companies, who can then pass their savings on to consumers.

According to the AirDye® website, traditional dyeing methods use trillions of gallons of water and enough energy to power more than 12 percent of U.S. homes each year. Not only does it take a lot of water to dye fabric conventionally, but synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon need additional chemicals to help the dye adhere. This process pollutes water that ends up in our lakes, rivers and oceans, and who’s a fan of that?

This is definitely a dyeing method that needs to go mainstream because, according to the website, there are only about 16 licensed resellers so far.

When I think about conserving water, I think about taking shorter showers and turning off the lawn sprinklers, not about how my clothing is dyed. But with AirDye®, I can purchase an environmentally responsible (and super cute) garment and feel good about supporting a ground-breaking, eco-friendly initiative.


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2 Responses to “Another way to be “green” and stylish”

  1. Robin Says:


    Thank you for the nice write up! I only just found your blog. Hopefully you’ve seen our recent announcements with new companies offering products dyed with AirDye technology. Here’s a link to our blog where we post info on not only water conservation in the textile industry, but how we can all be better stewards of our planet.

  2. Pandora Bead Says:

    Wow, this is a great post. I’m really eager to see the things that airdye fabrics can be created from, the double sided fabric is especially appealing.